Pay per Click (PPC), the hidden gem in getting SEO result and enhancing digital real estate.

Why should you use PPC in your SEO campaign? A misconception by most small business owners

In short, by engaging in PPC campaigns, 1) business owners can build a brand campaign for themselves to defend against competitors sniping their digital real estate under their own search term and 2) to more determinatevely ensure what google browsers are searching for, key term suggestions to build their web content for SEO. This is definately something that every business owners need to look into to save themselves both time and money.

Google as Business love other businesses using their PPC program.

The vast majority of Google monetisation model is Google Ads (that is why by using Google Ads, you will get the digital real estate that you want on the front page of which ever search keywords – you aim to tackle)

During a search on Google Ads, did you ever notice their difference to an SEO focused site?

Google deliberately design the search engine so that to their difference is hardly spotable. This is an advantage for PPC users as researches had shown traffic flows under PPC campaigns dominates over 80% of the flow within a search term, which is sharply taking over the space of long term SEO campaign.

First in Google search engine digital real estate, first in customers engagement

The reason why the majority of Google search traffics flows largely into effective PPC campaigns is because of its digital real estate dominant position on Google search engine. They are the first thing you will see after searching for a service or product, and if the search term is popular then the digital real estate will be crowded with PPC ads on the first page – pushing all SEOs website to the bottom of the page or the next page.

For example: Onsavii had established a brand campaign on our own search term of “onsavii” as this will not only protect us from other digital marketing agency attempt to snipe our digital realestate, but it will also ensure that our digital real estate will stretch across the first screen impression of our clients and prospects.

To sum up

SEO and PPC comes hand in hand. A strong strategy for both platform can seriously strengthen your business image to your prospects and clients. Contact us at 1300 297 493 for more detail or if you would like to book a strategy session, free of charge, to see how you can grow your business with the strategy laid out above.